7 weeks pregnant

7 weeks pregnant

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You at 7 weeks pregnant

At this stage, some women have glowing skin. Others experience skin problems, such as pimples. There's not much you can do about this, except cleanse your face regularly, use as little make-up as possible and stick to eating healthy foods and drinking lots of water.

Your breasts might be tender, and your nipples browner and more bumpy. Your breasts might also be noticeably bigger. If so, you might need a maternity bra, or at least a bigger one. It's a good idea to be properly fitted.

A common health problem around now is constipation. To help with this, you can increase your dietary fibre by eating more fruit, vegies, wholegrains and other high-fibre foods. Drink lots of water too - more than you usually would.

Life as usual
You might be surprised that life still feels pretty normal even though you have this amazing thing happening inside you.

Many women feel full of energy and just keep doing their usual things - working, playing sport, going for walks, catching up with people and all the rest.

But it's also common to feel really tired and like you need more sleep than usual. Rest as much as you can and try to get to bed earlier at night. You might not want to go out as much as you used to.

Your baby when you're 7 weeks pregnant

Amazing things are happening with your baby:

  • The embryo is about 1 cm long from head to tail - about the size of a coffee bean. Body parts are usually out of proportion at this stage.
  • The face is forming around the mouth. The embryo has large eyes, ear buds and a wide forehead. Inside the head cavity, the brain is developing.
  • Internal organs are taking shape, including the stomach, kidneys, bowel and lungs.
  • The heart is beating at 150-180 beats per minute.
  • Hands are starting to develop at the end of the arm buds.