The stubborn goats. Popular children's story from Puerto Rico

The stubborn goats. Popular children's story from Puerto Rico

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Stories have innumerable benefits for children. They not only enhance your ability to understand, your memory and imagination. They are also important vehicles for the transmission of a culture. From there that a series of popular tales and legends be transmitted generation after generation, which began by being told orally and now we finally have the possibility of recovering its written version.

'The stubborn goats' is one of those popular tales full of teachings for children. It comes to us from Puerto Rico, and the children speak of confidence in themselves and in the importance of persevering to achieve everything that is proposed. If you are able to face obstacles and difficulties with determination and intelligence, you will overcome them.

The elders tell the children of Puerto Rico a beautiful story on which we can reflect ... and it goes like this:

Once Upon a time a boy who worked as a pastor in Puerto Rico. Every day he took his goats to graze freely in the mountains. At dusk, the boy called his goats with a powerful whistle, and they obeyed and came to him. It was time to go back to the farm, and they all returned in order without leaving him.

But one day the following happened: the shepherd boy whistled as usual, but the goats did not return.He yelled at them and they continued to ignore. And desperate, after shouting and screaming and seeing that they still did not obey, he sat on a stone to cry.

Then a rabbit came. He stared at him and asked:

- Why are you crying, boy?

And he replied:

- My goats don't listen to me. And if I can't get them back to the farm, my father will be very angry and will punish me.

The rabbit thoughtfully replied:

- Do not worry, I'll help you. I will bring them back.

And the rabbit approached the goats and began to growl to get them to walk, but the goats were still grazing undeterred. The frustrated bunny sat next to the shepherd on the stone and also began to cry.

And in this a fox passed by and asked:

- But why are you crying, bunny?

- Oh, little fox, I cry because the shepherd boy is crying because if he doesn't get his goats to listen to him and follow him to the farm, his father will punish him.

- Oh do not worry. I'm sure I get it. I'll try.

The fox got to the goats and began howling with all her might. The truth is that it was quite scary, and yet the goats were still grazing so calmly. Desperate, he sat down next to the rabbit and the shepherd, and began to cry.

And then a wolf appeared, looking rather fierce, and asked:

- But little fox, why are you crying?

- Ay, wolf, is that the rabbit cries because the shepherd began to cry because the goats do not listen to him and if they do not get them to follow him, his father will punish him.

- Oops, leave that to me, bitch. I'll get the goats to move.

And the wolf, with his fierce presence, approached the goats and howled with all his might, showing his sharp fangs well. But the goats seemed to see nothing. There they were still in the field grazing so quietly. The wolf, surprised, left with the rest of the animals and the shepherd and began to cry.

In this a small bee came flying and when he saw that, he asked ...

- But wolf, why are you crying?

- Oh, bee, is that the fox cries because the rabbit cries because the shepherd was crying because his goats do not listen to him and if he does not get them to return to the farm, his father will punish them.

- Is that? Well, don't worry, I know how to make them come back.

- With how small you are?- answered the wolf- They will not listen to you!

The little bee, although hurt by those words, decided to give it a try. So he went to the herd of goats and began buzzing near them with all his might. The truth is that it was a very annoying buzzing, so the goats stopped eating to try to cover their ears. However, they did not move from their place.

The little bee did not give up and decided to try something different... It was then that the bee showed its stinger and nailed it to one of the goats, the oldest, and also the leader of the herd. The goat, feeling the peck, ran off to the farm in terror. And the other goats, seeing that their leader was returning to the farm, followed her.

The shepherd, the rabbit, the fox and the wolf stared at the scene in amazement. Then they looked at the little bee, shocked to death for not having believed in her. The pastor asked her forgiveness:

- You don't know how we feel, bee. We laughed at you and you've taught us all a great lesson. Thank you so much for help me.

- There is no reason, shepherd boy- And smiling, he walked away the way he had come.

The little shepherd thanked everyone for their help and returned home thinking about the great lesson he had just learned that day: The important thing is not to be stronger or bigger. It is not being more aggressive. The important thing is to trust yourself and persevere to the end.

Help your child understand the meaning of the message that this fantastic story wants to convey. We help you with these three questions:

- Why was the pastor crying?

- What animals tried to help you? Which of them got it?

- Why did the smallest animal manage to get the goats to move?

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