The discomfort of the baby's teeth coming out

The discomfort of the baby's teeth coming out

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There are babies extremely sensitive to the emergence of their first little teeth. Until the tooth manages to break the gum, our little ones can spend a few days in a terrible mood, any setback makes them very angry and crying. The other day we had a typical mom talk and, in it, it was brought out whether or not teeth can cause a fever in the baby.

A mother argued that her two daughters had had a fever and had been really grumpy during the period when their teeth were coming out; Another mother who is a pediatrician pointed out that the emergence of the teeth did not cause fever, what happens is that the teeth tend to come out more easily when mild illnesses occur in the baby such as colds or virus attacks.

The point is, we all agreed that babies tend to be more sensitive and irritable. The protrusion of the teeth causes alterations in their mood, in their diet or even in their sleep. There are certain pains that are known to be unbearable: a toothache, earache, colic, etc., well, it seems that the teeth are coming out is reason enough for your baby to be having a bad time.

The baby will tend to drool more than he has been doing and to put everything in his mouth to nibble on it. On many occasions, the exit of the teeth is accompanied by the appearance of acid poop that will cause your butt to burn more easily. It is also possible that they coincide with a viral picture or an increase in your body temperature. We will be attentive to these symptoms or their irritability in order to alleviate their discomfort as much as possible.

There are some remedies for pain caused by tooth eruption: pain relievers that are applied directly to the gum or can be administered orally; anti-inflammatories to relieve swollen gums; teethers to promote the eruption of the teeth, or any object, toy or food that can bite safely. All this can be a great relief for your gums.

We will also be aware of the poops; now is when redness and itching are most common, so we must change them immediately and provide them with a healing balm or cream for such effects. Although the emergence of milk teeth usually occurs between 6 months and two or three years (depending on the child), this long period of time does not mean that they are affected by them at all times; Typically, there are time gaps between lower and upper incisors, molars, and fangs. Some will have a harder time putting them out than others, but they are not usually a constant hassle for babies.

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