The best Christmas carols in children's choir

The best Christmas carols in children's choir

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December arrives and with December, Christmas arrives. Temperatures in one part of the world plummet while in others they rise a lot. In the streets as well as in many homes, everything indicates that the Christmas holidays are coming very soon, a magical moment and of great enthusiasm for children and families. And an ideal time to sing Christmas carols. We offer you a selection with the best Christmas carols.

As every year, is preparing a Christmas special so that everyone can learn the story of Santa Claus, the Three Wise Men or the Portal de Belén, cook the most fun and nutritious recipes that will delight the little ones in the house and learn how to make fun crafts Christmas decorations to decorate doors, windows and walls.

And between nougat, marzipan and Roscón de Reyes, we couldn't forget the traditional Christmas carols. What would be the Christmas Eve and New Year's Eve dinners and Christmas and New Year's meals without someone getting up from the table and starting to sing? In which house do you not have a tambourine or a zambomba to interpret "A Belén Pastores", "Blanca Navidad", "The Kings are coming" or "Silent Night"? Christmas carols are undoubtedly one of the funniest moments of all Christmas. But Christmas is not prepared on December 24, it begins months ago.

The Our Lady of Lucero School of Madrid it is one of many schools that experience Christmas in a very intense way. His children's choir, made up of 40 boys and girls, participates in the School Christmas Carols Contest that the Community of Madrid organizes every year, with very good results.

Leading this group are the teachers Paula Santamaría Uyarra and Isabel Rubín de Célix, who with much affection, and no less patience, teach children to love music. This cozy school has wanted to collaborate with our site by giving us three beautiful Christmas carols: Blanca Navidad, Los Tres Reyes and El Tamborilero.

From here We thank you for letting us know your school and we invite you all to enjoy your performance and you sing with the choir of Nuestra Señora del Lucero.

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