Control the excesses of children with Christmas sweets

Control the excesses of children with Christmas sweets

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In addition to being loaded with good wishes, the Christmas season drags us into a whirlwind of superabundances like no other in the year, and children are not exactly the least affected.

Submerged in the wave of shopping, Christmas carols and colored lights that Christmas supposes, it is worth trying to have one of the excesses "under control": that of diet. On our site we give you a series of useful tips to control the excesses of children with Christmas sweets.

On the first of December, the children open their advent calendars, which adds a chocolate a day to your diet, already loaded with sugars.

School festivities rarely include fruits, but instead, again, sweets and buns or sweets They show up more than they should, and the Christmas holidays are not here yet!

Nougat at all hours, the chocolate ones the most demanded by the little ones, cakes and dessert cakes in celebrations, hot snacks of churros and chocolate, and to top it off, the typical Roscón de Reyes, filled or not with cream and / or chocolate, accompanied with a hot chocolate in the morning in which Their Majesties of the East visit our homes.

Can you do something to control the excesses of children with Christmas sweets? It is clear that we are not going to do without all our traditions, but we can somehow control that the excess is less.

- Always having fruit in a visible place for children to eat when they want. It may also be helpful to offer it in a “Christmas format”. Finding a tutorial for making a fruit Christmas tree is not difficult, and children find it much more appealing! In addition, the winter season also brings with it fruits that are very easy to eat, such as mandarins, which allow the child to have an autonomy that in many cases they want but cannot have.

- Play with the colors of fruits and vegetables to stimulate their consumption. You can propose a game, for example, eat foods of 4 colors every day, either in a main dish or as a snack, and include the child in the search for foods of certain colors, they will surely love the challenge!

- Choose healthy sweets, that is, those that include fruits. There is nothing wrong with having a little chocolate occasionally, so a chocolate fruit fondue can be, as well as fun, a very healthy way to finish a Christmas meal. It is very simple, you only need pineapple strips, banana slices, strawberries or mandarin segments, either on skewers or to prick with your fork, along with a bowl of chocolate, as dark as possible to counteract the sugar in the fruit. . So simple that even they can help you make it!

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