"The password" Trick to avoid kidnapping of children

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A while ago i saw a internet video that made my hair stand on end. It was an experiment in which they wanted to see how children were susceptible to going with anyone, no matter how much we tell them not to talk to strangers. The problem is that many times those kidnappers are known people.

How can we prevent our children from going to other people? Then I explain a trick to avoid kidnapping of children.

In the video, a mother is sitting on a bench in a playground, while her five-year-old son plays on the swings.

Then a man approached the child, lure, with a couple of cute dog puppies in her arms. The boy approached the man to caress the puppies, and the man, very kindly, said to the boy: “I have more puppies in the car, Do you want to come see them?”. Then, the boy without thinking twice, says yes, and leaves hand in hand with the man, before the astonished look of his mother who believed that her son would never go with a stranger.

The innocence of children betrays them, and the most worrying thing is that, in most cases, children kidnappers are someone close, someone the child knows and that, therefore, the child would never doubt his good intentions: neighbors, friends, relatives, and even the parents themselves.

What can we do to protect our children? How can we do so that children distrust someone that you yourself would trust?

I use a trick with my daughters that I think I could help you.

One of the decoys that kidnappers They usually use is to tell the child that his parents have asked him to pick him up from school or where he is. They even tell you that your parents have had a accident, and that he or she will take you to the hospital so you can meet with your parents.

Before this alarmThe child may hesitate to go with that person at first, but at the slightest insistence from the abductor, he will finally agree to go with him or her, without resisting.

- The first thing you should do is raise awareness of the child that it is important that you do not go with anyone you do not know, but also with people you do know, if you have not told them before that they are going to pick you up.

- So, you must agree with the child that there will be a secret word, that only you and he know, and that he should never, never, never reveal it to anyone.

- Make up a word, or use one keyword that only the two of you will know, and tell the child that if someday someone comes to pick him up, even if he knows him, he has to tell him the secret word, otherwise he should not go with him, even if he says his parents send him.

For example: If the key word is "Scissors", the person who is going to pick up the child must tell the child "Scissors" when he picks it up, if he does not say it, the child should not go with him.

In this way, if it is a relative or trusted person who you have sent to pick up the child, there will be no problem because you will be able to tell him the secret word, otherwise the child will never leave with him (even if it's his own grandfather).

The word should be changed every time the word is used, and of course, the child should never say it to anyone.

Hopefully you never have to use this little trick, but it will undoubtedly leave you and the child calmer.

It is not convenient to scare the child, but yes alert you that not everyone is good with children.

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