The risks of teenage pregnancy

The risks of teenage pregnancy

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Standing in front of a clothing storefront in front of the figure of a pregnant girl with her backpack on her back and her socks mid-legged, it is a great shock. The first thing you think is. How can they make school uniforms for pregnant girls? Then comes the outrage and rage.

But this controversial campaign does not seek to sell clothes. Nor profit from the pregnancy in minors. Quite the opposite. What these Venezuelan mannequins are trying to do is warn about the increase in teenage pregnancies, with the risks that this entails on a physical and emotional level for girls.

The data is chilling. In Venezuela, every three minutes a girl under 18 years old becomes pregnant. More than 30% will drop out of school. To many this campaign of Sambil de Caracas Shopping Center has bothered them. Certainly reality, when it is harsh, annoying. Or maybe, embarrassed. What is really tried is to create awareness about everything that entails a pregnancy during adolescence, when the woman is not yet physically or emotionally prepared for that very important step.

Teen pregnancies are considered a high-risk pregnancy for many reasons. Among them, the changes that will take place in the body and especially in the life of the girl. Suddenly, she exchanges her dolls, her folder lined with photographs of famous actors and singers, her candy and school books, for baby clothes, bottles and books on breastfeeding.

The girl, who used to go out with her friends until late, will stay up all night to calm the baby. You will lose friends. You will change their circles of acquaintances. And what is worse, many will not be able to finish their studies.

- Pregnancies during adolescence have more nutrition problems. Above all, the rates of anemia in the mother skyrocket. The pregnant woman does not have the necessary nutrients for the baby to develop correctly.

- High rates of spontaneous abortions and premature births (that is, before the 37th week of gestation). There are higher rates of placenta praevia and preeclampsia.

- If the pregnant woman is less than 15 years old, there is a greater chance that the baby will be born with some malformation.

Experts from the WHO (World Health Organization) assure that the age conducive to pregnancy is the understood between 20 and 35 years. To avoid pregnancies too early, they urge families to inform their minors (both themselves and themselves) well so that they are aware of the risks posed by teenage pregnancy. You always have to bet on information versus prohibition. Much more persuasive and effective.

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