Legal norms of adoption in Colombia

Legal norms of adoption in Colombia

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Many families choose adoption to have a new baby at home and we all know that the adoption process is quite long and full of paperwork. But the legal procedures to adopt a baby are not the same in all countries. We remember the legal rules of adoption in Colombia.

To adopt in Colombia you must go to Colombian Institute of Family Welfare (IBCF), which will take care of assigning a minor to the adopting family within a period of around 36 months. The adoption process is practically the same for residents in Colombia as for foreigners.

The adoption requirements In Colombia they seek to guarantee the physical and emotional well-being of the minor, as well as to ensure that he or she enjoys that universal right which is the right to have a family. Therefore, it should not be surprising that they are so meticulous in imposing the requirements on the family they want to adopt.

- In Colombia they can adopt marriages, single people, widows or separated.

- The minimum age to adopt a baby is 25 years and the age difference between the adopter and the minor must be at least 15 years.

- The socio-psychological study to verify the family suitability The adopter will be carried out by the IBCF.

- To adopt in Colombia it is necessary to have a medical certificate of good health and also of good conduct, that is, check the criminal record.

- The economic rent it is an important factor when adopting a baby. The IBCF ensures that the family has sufficient financial means to provide the minor with a decent life.

The legal norms to adopt a baby in Colombia include the processing of countless bureaucratic documents. In addition to the expected birth, marriage and other documentation verifying the physical and psychological capacity of the adopting family, recent photographs of the home where the minor will reside, as well as three letters of recommendation are added.

The adopting family also undertakes to facilitate the follow-up of the adoption for the two years following the delivery of the minor, in order for the IBCF to ensure that the family guarantees all the rights of the child. In the cases of foreign families who adopt in the country, must spend at least 8 weeks in Colombia and pass a trial and integration period with the child of 30 days.

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