Traditional Colombian Christmas desserts

Traditional Colombian Christmas desserts

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In colombia, When talking about Christmas, the gifts, the Novenas and, of course, the food that has been tasted since the beginning of December.

The most traditional sweets preferred by Colombians are buñuelos, Antioqueño custard, flakes and figs with arequipe. The tradition, in addition, is that in companies and meetings these foods are delivered together in a 'Christmas box',decorated on the outside with Christmas motifs.

On our site we have prepared these recipes and we share them so that your Christmas is sweet, exquisite and full of pleasures and peace.

Custards contain milk that provides calcium,and eggs that are a good source of protein. Its donuts contain carbohydrates that provide calories. And the flakes are very light, although not dietary, and they are delicious because they are crunchy and covered with sugar.

In We invite you to dare to prepare these traditional Colombian delicacies.

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