3 positions to remove gas from the baby

3 positions to remove gas from the baby

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One of the most common complaints among newborns comes fromdifficulty in expelling air after each feed. So the retained gas causes pain and irritability.

We explain to you which are the best postures to help the baby to expel the air. Write down these 3 positions to get the gas out of the baby and prevent their tummy from hurting.

These are the most effective poses to help your baby expel uncomfortable gas. These are 3 positions to remove gases from the baby that will be of great help:

1. Over the shoulder: The first position is on our shoulder. We will match the lowest part of your sternum with our shoulder. The baby will be on top, his head behind our shoulder and his knees bent inwards to keep his back curved and his abdomen relaxed. In this position the expulsion of gases is facilitated.

2. About our forearm: The second position will be on the forearm. The only precaution we must take is to place the heel of our hand on the lowest part of your sternum. To do this, we will place our arm in front by placing the part of the heel of our hand on the baby's sternum. We will place the baby on its side and exert a slight pressure with the hand towards the abdomen, trying to bring its knees towards the chest. In this position we round your spine, relax the abdomen and promote the expulsion of gases.

3. Sitting: For the last position we will sit, both ourselves and the baby. The baby should be sitting on our legs, close to our abdomen and our chest. We are going to place our two hands on his abdomen, and we will make a slight pressure towards us, slightly pressing his abdomen. What we can do is move like a rocking to one side and to the other, back and forth, calming the baby and thus helping him to expel gas.

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