A baby monitor in the child's room

A baby monitor in the child's room

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The gift The most practical thing I received when my son was born was a baby monitor. At first, the baby monitor with camcorder I found it to be a very useful electronic device, but nothing compared to the game I took out later. It is so practical that it has made me addicted to the baby monitor, something similar to what happened to me with the mobile phone.

The baby monitor is an electrical device, divided into two, the receiver and the transmitter, that communicate with each other through audio and video systems, depending on the type of intercom, allowing me to know what is happening to my baby at all times, even if I am not in the same room with him.

It is very practical, especially for first-time parents, like me in his day, who due to my inexperience, I felt a bit insecure and was constantly looking at my baby, in case he was sleeping, crying or not breathing well. So a baby monitor in the child's room became essential in my life.

With the baby monitor I saved many walks to my baby's room. I took the receiver to the kitchen when I was cooking, to the living room when I wanted to read or watch TV, to my bedroom at night, and even, to the bathroom when I wanted to shower. His small size It can be placed anywhere and has a plug or rechargeable battery for greater autonomy.

In addition, they have long-range and you can hear and see your baby from the garden or from the attic of your house, without any problem or interference. And it is that in the field of interference, the new reception systems have solved some of the old problems with eavesdropping from neighbors' conversations. In this sense, I am amused when a friend told me that her baby monitor picked up the intercom frequency of another neighbor's son and, suddenly, reproduced in detail everything that was happening next door.

Fortunately, modern baby monitors They have remedied these types of technical problems from their beginnings and are currently sticking to their function, which is to facilitate parents to follow the evolution of their baby, avoiding possible problems, especially when the baby is not asleep. The latest models of baby monitor with camera notify if they detect any problem or situation out of the ordinary and have motion sensors standard, which warn us when the camera does not pick up any movement of the child for a few seconds, alarms to know instantly if the baby is crying and many other options.

Because it was impossible for me to be next to my baby at all times, the baby monitor made my life easier while ensuring the safety of my son. It was a very comforting experience, especially for me, as a new mom, knowing that my baby monitor was one of the best technological advances to take care of my child and ensure their safety.

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