10 Arabic names for boys

10 Arabic names for boys

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There are so many options to choose the baby's name that it is quite difficult to find the one prettiest name for your child. If we organize all the names according to their origin and meaning, perhaps the task will be easier.

The names of Arabic origin for boys are beautiful names that combine tradition with originality and also have very interesting meanings. This is our list of 10 arabic names for boys.

1. Omar. This is one of the most widespread Arabic names in the world. It means 'the long-lived' and we like it because it is a short but very forceful name.

2. Abdul. It is a name of Arabic origin that is also well known to us. It means 'Servant of God' and it is gaining popularity because it is a simple name that is backed by the weight of tradition.

3. Naim. The name is very original without falling into eccentricity and also has one of the most beautiful meanings for a child,'serenity'. The calm that its meaning conveys is its main asset when choosing it as the ideal name.

4. Karim. Arabic names usually have very attractive meanings like this 'generous' which is also combined with a very suggestive musicality. We are facing a safe bet for the name of your baby.

5. Farid. This name is a very popular name among Arab children and its use is spreading throughout the world. It means 'unique' in the sense of exclusive, so it is perfect to represent the arrival of your baby.

6. Hassan. It is one of the most traditional Arabic names and means 'Okay'. It is already becoming a popular name in many countries, making it all the more familiar today.

7. Khalil. The name means 'good friend' and one of its greatest attractions is its sound. It is a name with strength capable of reinforcing the personality of your child.

8. Idris. This name has an unknown meaning, but we know that it is the name of a prophet besides that of a very popular actor. It is one of the most sought after names because it is full of freshness and appeal.

9. Rashid. It is one of the most traditional Arabic names and means 'judicious'. We like it for its ability to maintain tradition without losing originality.

10. Said. The name means 'happy' and it is not exactly a rare name, since we know it well because its use is widespread throughout the world. It has a lot of strength and it gives off charisma, in addition to the appeal that its meaning generates.

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