Why do bleeding occur during pregnancy?

Why do bleeding occur during pregnancy?

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During pregnancy, some vaginal bleeding may occur. Depending on the moment in which they occur and the amount of bleeding, they will indicate one thing or another. In fact, vaginal bleeding during pregnancy can range from mild or normal to severe or even a symptom of miscarriage.

The matron Susana De la Flor, from Cummater, explains why bleeding occurs during pregnancy and what they can mean. Learn to detect a serious symptom early that indicates that something is wrong.

Bleeding during pregnancy have an explanation depending on the trimester in which they are developed. It is not the same to have a small brown hemorrhage at the beginning of pregnancy (it usually means that the fertilized egg has implanted correctly in the uterus) than to suffer a heavy red bleeding in the last trimester of pregnancy. The matron Susana De la Flor He explains it to us:

'During the first trimester most bleeds are due to either threatened abortion or implantation bleeding that are called. That is, when the egg is 'sticking' to the uterus, that sometimes causes some bleeding. In the second trimester, the hemorrhages are usually related to placentas previa or occlusive placentas that can cause some type of bleeding. And in the third trimester, which is when there is the highest incidence of bleeding outside of abortions, it can occur by a placental abruption, which is quite a serious situation, or women who have placentas previos or marginal placentas may also indicate a sign of placental abruption. '

Nevertheless, not all vaginal bleeding indicates a risk situation for the pregnant woman. There are also haemorrhages or bleeds that do not have this serious significance, especially in the third trimester of pregnancy.

'It is very common to bleed, but in small amounts, after sexual intercourse or after a vaginal examination in a control with the gynecologist. These bleeds are rarer, they can even be the same day or the next day, and the other bleeds that are more serious are usually similar to a rule. '

Susana De la Flor

Matron of Cummater

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