What meals to prepare for children in summer

What meals to prepare for children in summer

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Taking care of our children's diet is important at all times, and, of course also on the hottest days of summer or on vacation, when we know our children are more likely to lose their appetite, fill their stomach with water, and prioritize their games over other physical needs.

Summer is also a period in which parents find it more difficult to be in the heat of the kitchen stoves, in which we improvise meals more and in which we spend more hours away from home, but that is not why we should neglect the family's diet, since it is as important for health as proper rest, physical exercise, sleep and recreation. We give you some tips on what meals to prepare for children in summer.

We can adapt our children's meals to these new desires and circumstances that surround the summer, also satisfying their nutritional needs. A) Yes, we can temporarily put aside hot dishes, stews, stews or very caloric meals, for lighter ones such as salads of all kinds: pasta, legumes, potatoes, rice or vegetables, in combination with other nutritious foods such as hard boiled eggs, nuts, chicken or meat, cooked fish, canned fish, cheeses, yogurts, vegetables, sauces cold, etc. Salads, in addition to being quick to prepare, can be very varied and complete from the nutritional point of view.

Grilled foods, those with high water content such as creams or gazpacho, gratins, sandwiches, smoothies, sorbets, ice cream and multicolored fruit are very appetizing and healthy during this time of year. In the refrigerator we should always have fresh fruit available, since summer fruits offer a great contribution to the diet of our little ones, they are tasty, nutritious, sweet and refreshing.

The high water content of watermelon or melon, makes them an ideal food for the summer, they help avoid dehydration, provide mineral salts, natural sugars and a delicious flavor. We can have them prepared in small cubes, combined in fruit salad or in sorbets and juices. In addition to these variations in meals, in summer, we should continue to respect the number of meals, meal times, avoiding haste and improvisations.

Likewise we have to respect the digestion periods before bathing or an excessive physical exercise in the sun, the intake of abundant fluids, the good care and storage of food to avoid contamination and bacteria, and to continue maintaining a nutritious and complete breakfast with milk, cereals, fruit and proteins.

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