Rabbit ears headband. Balloon crafts

Rabbit ears headband. Balloon crafts

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We suggest you make a fun Easter craft: create a bunny ears headband with balloons. This is a balloon twisting craft that children will have a lot of fun with.

It is a crown or headband that children can use to dress up as a cute Easter bunny. It is very easy to make, follow our step by step.


  • 1 twister 260 white
  • 1 twister 160 pink
  • 1 twister 160 gray

1. Inflate the Twister 260 White, make a bubble and turn it into a pinch, repeat this step, then make a large bubble of approximately 8 fingers and close it in the pinches made previously with it, you already made the first ear.

2. Make a bubble of about 6 fingers and repeat step 1.

3. Blow up two bubbles of approximately four fingers with the Twister 160 Pink. Tie them by the pinch of the ears, in order to finish the ears.

4. Finally inflate the gray twister 160 which will be used as a headband to hold the beautiful ears.

Video: Easy Easter Bunny Headband Craft Video (August 2022).