6 reasons kids don't read and 6 solutions

6 reasons kids don't read and 6 solutions

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Surely you already know some of the advantages of reading in childhood: it stimulates creativity, helps to write well, learns more vocabulary, encourages concentration, curiosity, learning, knowledge ...

However, if even knowing them you cannot make your child become a great little reader, you should ask yourself this question: "Am I doing something wrong?" Perhaps the reasons why children do not read is not in them, but in bad strategies of the parents. Perhaps, without knowing it, we are committing some mistakes that do not help the child to become a great reader.

Mistake number 1: not giving him the right books. Sometimes we insist on giving the child the books that we like, because when we were little we loved them, because the neighbor's son is captivated, because they are the ones that are in fashion… No! We must let the child choose his own readings, those stories, books or comics that are according to his tastes.

Mistake number 2: not bringing books to children. One of the tips of the Montessori philosophy in this sense is based on the idea of ​​creating a library in the child's room, it does not have to be a large one, just a few shelves at your fingertips where you can touch, play, take out and drink books without the need for parents. Create a reading corner where you feel comfortable and can enjoy it. Sometimes children do not have these books at their fingertips or, simply, the supply at home is very short.

Mistake number 3: the book doesn't have to be an obligation. If they associate stories with homework, if we impose an hour of reading or a minimum of books to read, they will find that this is one more task. Nothing is further from reality! The books should be fun, pleasure and fantasy, not duties and obligations.

Mistake number 4: answer this: do you read at home?Do your children see you with a book in your hands? If you are asking your children to read because it is fantastic for them but you are not setting an example, they will hardly listen to you. We must be congruent, if we ask them to be avid readers, we must at least show an example ourselves.

Mistake number 5: associating free time and leisure time with watching television or to play with the console and the tablet. Parents sometimes find it much more comfortable to turn on that little button that makes children hypnotized by watching pictures. The tablet also attracts them powerfully and there is little space for cornered books. Let us put the same emphasis on reading as on wanting the child to watch television.

Mistake number 6: excess homework, homework, and extracurricular activities they have children fill their time in such a way that there is no room for anything else. The overload of children is so great that they hardly have time to play, much less to read. So let's review our children's agenda and unload obligations. Let them have time to play and even get bored, it will lead them to seek new forms of fun ... the book!

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