Children's rhythmic gymnastics

Children's rhythmic gymnastics

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Rhythmic gymnastics is a sports modality that combines ballet, dance and gymnastics movements with the use of various elements such as clubs, ball, ribbon, rope or hoop. Among the extracurricular activities most demanded by girls is gymnastics, both in its form of rhythmic and artistic gymnastics.

This Olympic discipline since 1984, which stimulates coordination and developed the flexibility, It has always been considered a women's sport, but the truth is that it is highly recommended for both boys and girls.

Experts recommend in order to acquire a rhythmic gymnastics techniqueat the highest level, that the initiation in this sport is at an early age.

However, it is recommended that children who wish to practice rhythmic gymnastics begin with either psychomotor classes or giving artistic gymnastics classes around the age of four. With either option, the body is prepared to start doing rhythmic gymnastics from the six or seven yearsold.

Although it is a sport that has traditionally been considered for women, specialists assure that the benefits are so positive that it is recommended so much so that it girls practice like boys.

For the little ones, the practice of rhythmic gymnastics helps them:

- Stimulate coordination

- Promote flexibility and muscle strength

- Correct bad postures

- Increase self-confidence and generate a feeling of security

- Promote balance

- Exercise concentration

- Teach the importance of teamwork, camaraderie and respect for others

- Develop a sense of harmony and aesthetics

- Connect children with their body and their environment

Rhythmic gymnastics can be practiced both individually and in duets, trios, quartets, and even quintets. This discipline is characterized by the use of various instruments that favor the showiness and aesthetics of the exercises performed.

Among these devices, the most used and popular are the rope, ball, hoop, ribbon and clubs. Comparing it with artistic gymnastics, the difference between them is that rhythmic gymnastics has much more delicate movements that are reminiscent of dance movements.

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