When children imitate their parents' misbehavior

When children imitate their parents' misbehavior

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Yelling, insults, hitting, kicking, rudeness and othersChildren's misbehaviors can be a reflection of what they see in their homes. We know that children learn to a great extent by observation and inevitably end up imitating everything that happens around them, good or bad.

In their eagerness to learn to deal with a world they still do not understand, they do not distinguish between what is right and what is unacceptable, especially whenwhat they imitate are the behaviors of their main agents of socialization, their parents.

Parents have a powerful influence on the behavior of our children. We are their main source of learning, their most important references during their first years of life and, therefore,their behavior is partly a reflection of ours. But we are not always aware of it.

Sometimes we overlook the impact of our actions on children's behavior. They, eager as they are to learn, observe us attentively and imitate frequently, in good and in bad, in virtues and in defects. It is in the latter thatwe must pay attention and act so that children do not end up imitating the misbehavior of their parents, that is, us.

Educating is difficult and requires that parents be there, present and aware of what we do but also of what we say and how we say it, including the tone or attitude we take when addressing someone. And although we can not always be in a good mood and have a ready smileYes we can do a lot to try to be the best example for children.

If we want our children to be educated, civic and responsible people, the first step to take is to look at our own behaviors. Children need positive references, parents who know how to set limits and consistent rules.We cannot ask children not to yell at them, or not to hit when we have a weak hand.

Without realizing it, everything we do throughout the day in the presence of children has an enormous influence on them and on the way of being and expressing themselves that they will later have. Children more than sermons and scolding need good examples to imitate.

The way to rectify the behavior of children, in many cases, is to modify the behavior of the parents. Rather than intervene directly on the child, we must act on ours, stopping yelling or losing our roles in situations that stress or overwhelm us. Stopping being rude to that referee in matches or to the driver who has passed us, to give two everyday and more common examples than we think.

Educating is a long-distance race for which we must be prepared. It requires a high commitment to offer them the attention, care and affection they need at all times while we must show the best version of ourselves to give them the best of examples.

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